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City Above The Clouds album cover
rjr album cover
The Crawling Chaos album cover
To A Planet album cover
Elephants In The Crosswalk album cover
Halloween On Union Avenue album cover
Alligator Wings album cover
Just Sayin album cover

Fiery improvisation places rjr firmly within the jazz tradition, but the emphasis on original tunes and unusual cover choices sets the group apart from typical jazz offerings. The band's first CD appeared in late 2007, and they now have six to their credit.

In addition to recording their own albums, Nick, Newt, Jeff, Mike and Jim all work as session musicians and arrangers for Startlingly Fresh Records. They appear individually on many of the other SF releases, such as Kat Elizabeth, Duke Way and John Onder. As a group, they guested on "Alligator Wings."

"The players are tight together and seem to truly enjoy what they're doing... High energy and talent just shine right on through! Most highly recommended!" - Dick Metcalf, Improvijazzation Nation

Rolling Jazz Revue (rjr) may be contacted through their FaceBook Page.