All States of the Blues spins Brandon Worthey's "Hope You'll Think Of Me" and "Oiled And Greased" on Polish Radio LUZ, 96.1 FM. Host Rafal Marczak says "Brandon's tunes are really to my liking!"

Space Cruises and Planet Tours LLC, an original radio comedy airing on WLRH 89.3 FM, features theme music and background score by Jim Cavender, Ken Sullivan and Terri Cavender of Startlingly Fresh Records.

Taran's Free Jazz Hour, plays three tracks from Duke Way's new album, Just Sayin', and calls Duke a "fantastic jazz poet!" Did we mention this show is created and broadcast in France? Way to go, Duke! Oh, and while you're listening, check out the whole show. Taran always plays cool stuff. Case in point, the Matt Wilson track starting at around 1:32:45 is similar to Duke's poetry/jazz hybrid. Duke's tunes start at 0:14:35 and 1:55:31.

Bass Musician Magazine, a free online bass magazine and social media outreach speaking directly to tech-savvy bass players, gear enthusiasts and industry professionals around the world, posted a story about John Onder's debut album, Faith, Hope, Love, Passion, & Pain. We thank you kindly, Bass Musician Magazine!

Thunder Row, an international community for bassists, would-be bassists and fans of bass, published an article about John Onder's debut album, Faith, Hope, Love, Passion, & Pain. Thank you, Thunder Row!

Know Huntsville features Startlingly Fresh Records and RATOBaby on The Valley's CW broadcast. Yes, RATOBaby plays selections from their album Television on television with their lady television.

Matt Wake at picks RatoBaby one of "20 up-and-coming Alabama bands and solo acts to know in 2017". Let's all follow Mr. Wake's advice and watch them this year!

Idiot Savant by RatoBaby gets a cool pick by Matt Wake at We agree. This album is cool!

"Scare Tactic" by rjr gets airplay on Invisible City. Nice job, guys! (WLRH has since removed the podcast. Sorry!)

RatoBaby gets played on WLRH's Invisible City close to the top of hour 1. Thank you, Mr. Posey! (WLRH has since removed the podcast. Sorry!)

Invisible City's Brad Posey plays "Boys Like You" by Kat Elizabeth about 39 minutes into the show, but you should definitely listen to the songs before and after. The transitions highlight Brad's open mind about music. Fantastic! (WLRH has since removed the podcast. Sorry!)

RatoBaby is played on WLRH's Invisible City about half an hour into the show. Says Brad Posey of RatoBaby, "I think they are bad-ass... a great band!" (WLRH has since removed the podcast. Sorry!)

Brad Posey of WLRH interviews Arts Huntsville and SF people about Panoply about 19 minutes into the show. The Arts Alive! tent was a blast at Panoply. (WLRH has since removed the podcast. Sorry!)

"Alabama indie label releasing 3 albums, festival, customizable compilation on same day" - Thanks to Matt Wake for covering StartleFest II, and thanks to all the supporters and musicians who came to the show.

"On Huntsville singer Kat Elizabeth's creative LP, even a couch can be a musical instrument" - Matt Wake covers SF's newest recording sensation, Kat Elizabeth. Thanks, Matt!

PRI's Science Friday: "ISS Science, Solar Sails, Smarter Every Day" April 23, 2015 - Jim Cavender and Microwave Dave Gallaher provide music for this show taped before a live audience at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama. Thanks to WLRH, Ira Flatow and the Science Friday staff!

Taran's Free Jazz Hour: "08/2015" - Taran spins rjr on his cool show in France! While you're there, check out the great artwork on the CDs he picks.

Taran's Free Jazz Hour: "04/2015" - Keith Taylor Trio makes it to Mr. Singh's show! Thanks, Taran!

Taran's Free Jazz Hour: "01/2015" - Taran plays Duke Way again, along with some other great jazz.

KAOS Free Jazz With Fred: "DEC 29TH 2014" - Fred airs Duke Way and rjr on KAOS Community Radio in Olympia, Washington. Thank you, Fred!

Taran's Free Jazz Hour: "31/2014" - Taran Singh plays two Duke Way tunes on his free jazz show in Angers, France, and says, "Duke Way is the way to go!"

KAOS Free Jazz With Fred: "DEC 15TH 2014" - Fred plays "Sucker Punch" by rjr on his KAOS Community Radio show in Olympia, Washington. Wow!

Improvijazzation Nation: "Issue #148, Interview with Duke Way" - Dick Metcalf raps with Duke Way and finds out the similarities between poetry and engineering.

KAOS Free Jazz With Fred: "OCT 27TH 2014" - Fred plays "Yet Another Public Service Message" by Duke Way on his Halloween show. Be afraid! "For former NASA rocket scientist Duke Way, age 76 is the perfect time to release a debut album" - Matt Wake steps outside his comfort zone and investigates a spoken word album. He finds this one to his liking!

WLRH "Talkin' The Blues 'Duke Way' (November 1, 2014)" - Microwave Dave plays some selections from Alligator Wings and has some cool things to say about it, too!

Valley Planet, Issue 199 "Alligator Wings - Local Musician/Poet Duke Way" - Doug Bennett says the album is "completely unlike anything you've heard recently." The Valley Planet no longer runs. Many thanks to the late Jill Wood for her support of local music over the years.

Improvijazzation Nation "Issue 141 Reviews" - Dick Metcalf reviews Duke Way's Alligator Wings and gives it the "PICK" of the issue for "best spoken-word jazz!"

WLRH's Storycorps Huntsville "Ivy Joe Milan and Simba Foluke" - Listen online to Mr. Milan and Mr. Foluke playing drums and talking about the power of drumming to help people escape difficult circumstances.

Valley Planet, Issue 188 "Newt Johnson and Jim Cavender of Rolling Jazz Revue" - Jim discusses cattle prods in VP's interview with Newt Johnson and Jim Cavender. The Valley Planet no longer runs. Many thanks to the late Jill Wood for her support of local music over the years.

Improvijazzation Nation "Issue 141 Reviews" - Scroll way down to see Dick Metcalf's review of Keith Taylor Trio's latest CD. He says it's "a sure winner for jazz lovers of all stripes & persuasions." SF is full of both stripes and persuasions.

Talkin' The Blues "Ivy Joe Milan" Nov. 9, 2013 on WLRH - Microwave Dave Gallaher calls Ivy's album "modern soul music that harkens back to the 60's and 70's for most of its inspiration and yet is, as the label says, startlingly fresh."

Improvijazzation Nation "Issue 143 Interview with the Keith Taylor Trio" - Dick Metcalf interviews the Keith Taylor Trio.

Improvijazzation Nation "Issue 141 Interview with Ivy Joe Milan" - Dick Metcalf raps with Ivy Joe about music, life in Huntsville, Alabama, songwriting and following your dreams.

Background bar music no more: 'Home Brewed' show spotlighting Huntsville songwriters and their music - Matt Wake of delves into the songwriting process with four Huntsville musicians, Alan Little, Dave Gallaher, and two Startlingly Fresh artists, Charlie Howell and Jim Cavender. SF would love to work with Alan and Dave in the future, if they ever find themselves between record deals!

17 Huntsville-area entertainment headlines I'd like to write in 2014 - Matt Wake of is hoping for a vinyl companion album to Jane DeNeefe's book, "Rocket City Rock and Soul". Okay, Matt, we're thinking about it! Vinyl would definitely be the appropriate format for such a release!

Improvijazzation Nation "Issue 139 Reviews" - Dick Metcalf has some nice words to say about Ivy Joe Milan's latest album! He reminisces a bit about his former Huntsville life, too.

14 up-and-coming North Alabama bands, solo acts poised to make noise in 2014 - Congratulations to all 14 acts picked by Matt Wake of! We're especially proud of Startlingly Fresh's own Ivy Joe Milan for making the list. Much love!

Ivy Joe Milan: Key '60s Huntsville music scene figure celebrating new LP with upcoming show - Matt Wake of has outdone himself on this story - read it!

9 Huntsville-area musicians reveal 'secret weapons' behind their signature sounds - Matt Wake of interviewed Startlingly Fresh's Hugh Messenger about his big red Hammond organ and Jim Cavender about his Fostex digital recorder. This may sound like gear talk, but it really is interesting!

Improvijazzation Nation "Issue 135 Reviews" - Dick Metcalf reviews (and likes!) Rolling Jazz Revue's rjr album. The rjr review is almost at the bottom of the page. Should we take this time to study the differences between "review" and "revue"?

"Alabama Shakes, Civil Wars, more: Top 10 songs of 2013 (so far) from North Alabama artists" - Matt Wake of includes a song by our very own Dawn Osborne Band. Congratulations to Dawn, Newt, Andrew and Aaron!

Improvijazzation Nation "Issue 133 Reviews" - Dick Metcalf reviews Trio El Camino debut album - and he likes it! We know that shouldn't surprise us, but we're delighted!

"Startlingly Fresh Records label releasing multiple albums from Huntsville acts at StartleFest concert" - Thanks to Matt Wake of for covering this event in such wonderful detail! The Startlingly Fresh staff had a blast talking to him at Olde Towne Coffee Shoppe.

"The Dawn Osborne Band, a Huntsville live music favorite for years, finally releasing debut studio album" - Startlingly Fresh Records couldn't be prouder of this release. Matt Wake of sits down and talks with Dawn and the boys. You'll want to read the article for the details. And they look good in the pictures, too!

"StartleFest" - Thanks to Jane DeNeefe for covering StartleFest in Valley Planet! The Valley Planet no longer runs. Many thanks to the late Jill Wood for her support of local music over the years.

"Startlingly Fresh Records producer Jim Cavender breaks down Huntsville label's six upcoming releases" - Matt Wake of gets Jim to provide an overview of the mid-2013 SF output.

"The North Texan 03/21/2011" - SF gets a mention for two releases.

"True Stories About Alabama: Ivy Joe and the Snowballs Integrate Huntsville" - Jane DeNeefe delves into the intersection of soul music and the Civil Rights Movement in Huntsville, through the history of SF's own Ivy Joe Milan. Tommy Graham, who recorded organ on Ivy Joe's Been Down Low album, is mentioned as well as Chris Couchois and Billy Brown, who (along with Tommy) back up Ivy Joe on the Bookaroo CD. Nice article, Janie!