"Baroque Roccoco" performed by RATOBaby.

"For The Better" performed by Raymond Williams.

The Outside Agitators feat. Complex Flavor and Summer Johnson -- Members of Leadership Huntsville sing backing parts for this alphabet-based hip hop tune. The raps are provided by Complex Flavor. Summer Johnson's soulful stylings fill out the prodution.

Listen Local Huntsville -- Jim Cavender performs his creepy tune, "Give My Body To Science", with Alan Little and Microwave Dave.

"Lobster Insect Man Flies Again" by Duke Way (with Jim Cavender, Nick Walker and Shawn Webster) -- This live recording was entered in NPR's Tiny Desk Concert Contest.

"On Hearing Some Moron Use The Phrase 'Drunk As A Skunk'" by Duke Way (with Trio El Camino and Jeff Woods) -- You'll wonder why you never wondered about that phrase before.

"The Circle Game" by rjr starring Chrisha Favors, Amber Troupe and Gerald Larson -- Who knew that jazz, algebra and hula hooping were so intertwined?

"Don't Tell" by Trite 55 (featuring Summer Johnson) -- No matter what big secret you're about to reveal, this is a perfect "coming out" Christmas song!

"Rent Party" by Ivy Joe Milan -- Ivy Joe backed by some fine musicians at his "Been Down Low" CD release party

"Whistle Past The Graveyard" by rjr -- Squeaking Tribe Puppetry helped tell this fable about modern-day issues costing musicians their livelihood. You'll love the dancing dinosaur!

"Return To A Haunted House", performed live by pleasPlease -- Thanks to The Fleshtones for letting us cover their perfect Halloween song!

"Take It Out On Me", performed live by Trio El Camino at StartleFest 2013

"Scare Tactic" performed live by rjr, at StartleFest 2013

"Twisted Fool" by Dawn Osborne Band, live at StartleFest 2013

Followed, a University of Utah Entertainment Arts and Engineering final project, featuring music by pleasPlease!

Newt Johnson, Dave Gallaher, Carlos Maddox and Jim Cavender at Straight To Ale

Motion Capture (mocap) video by Harley Tigner featuring the pleasPlease Theme Song -- It'll make you want to dance!

Ivy Joe Milan performing "I Feel Good" and "I'll Go Crazy" at the Rocket City Rock and Soul book launch jam session at Bandito Southside
Jane DeNeefe's book is in the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Library! Startlingly Fresh Records was fortunate enough to produce Bookaroo, which features some of the artists interviewed in her book.