RATOBaby Band Photo
RATOBaby - Television - album cover
RATOBaby - Idiot Savant - album cover
RATOBaby - 'Idiot Savant'

Formed in Florence, Alabama, RATOBaby has redefined the term of “experimental funk”. Originally started as a “jazz-folk” hybrid, RATOBaby has shaped themselves into a band that offers more than just meaningful lyrics, but also a unique sound with the absence of a typical guitar player. As they put it, “Most bands have a guitar. We wanted to do something different. It’s just our thing.” Leading on bass and vocals, songwriter Zach Dawson lures you in with catchy tunes and urgent singing. Howard Walker on drums and Daniel Neville on tenor sax round out the band, creating a perfect blend that leaves you wanting more. Their first album, Idiot Savant, came out in 2016. Now releasing their second full-length album, Television, RATOBaby hopes their music will “play with your brain”.

Band photo and cover art by Sidra Novae. Scissor mashup by Lydia Fairburn.

"They sounded really good [during sound check]. I can't wait to hear them play their whole set. It's unique. It's good stuff." -- Joe Orozco, co-host of Know Huntsville, the day RATOBaby played selections from "Television" on television along with their lady television.

"It's a very groovy record. Sounds great, great vibe, the dude's voice. Very cool." -- Brad Posey, host of "Invisible City", WLRH 89.3 FM, Huntsville, Alabama

"The trio gets a wide, immersive sound... oozes clever, atmospheric jazz-rock." -- Matt Wake, al.com

RATOBaby's advice to SF on how to run the label - "Find it... Release it!"

Band Members:

  • Zach Dawson - Vocals and Bass Guitar
  • Howard Walker - Drums and Percussion
  • Daniel Neville - Tenor Saxophone

RATOBaby may be contacted through their Facebook Page.