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Ivy Joe Milan album cover

R&B singer and percussionist Ivy Joe Milan released his first vocal album, Been Down Low, having previously released an album spotlighting his outstanding percussion prowess. If you're a fan of Ivy Joe's conga playing, then Been Down Low will not disappoint, but he also unleashes the full range of his vocal talents, from blues to soul to funk to jazz. The CD features Ivy Joe's stellar songwriting, from "America!", written during the Viet Nam War era, to "Been Down Low", written in 2013. The songs pull the listener into Mr. Milan's way of finding the balance between taking care of business, having fun, developing love, pursuing happiness and having genuine concern for family, friends and the world around. The album has musical variety while remaining cohesive, firmly under the umbrella of southern soul, following the Memphis/Muscle Shoals tradition. If you like songs that make you think or if you just want to get up and dance, then Been Down Low is for you!

Dick Metcalf of Improvijazzation Nation says, 'One thing about Huntsville players and musicians that I can attest to (having lived there for over a dozen years) is that if they're good, "they real good"! When Ivy Joe sings about "down low" on the title track... you just know he's been there. When he sings about love in "Come On Back", you know he's walked the walk... I'm diggin' it way down deep, especially the scat right at the end of the track. It's Ivy Joe's hard-hitting lyrical style on "Wise Up" that captured my vote for favorite of the 13 offered up. This is one funky CD, and it gets a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED from these ol' ears. "EQ" (energy quotient) rating is 4.98 [out of 5].'

Matt Wake of al.com listed Ivy as one of 14 up-and-coming acts in 2013 and says, "Milan's vocals throughout the LP are robust, heartfelt and pliable.... His singing sounds closer to 24 than 64, although you can hear a lifetime of experience and soul in the way Milan digs into a phrase." Check out Matt's detailed article about Ivy Joe.

Ivy Joe Milan Santa Claus (Here He Comes) "Santa Claus (Here He Comes)" was recorded at the Been Down Low sessions and features Ivy Joe's vocal and percussion skills and his sense of humor. It's a fun, chill holiday tune.