Kat Elizabeth Photo
Kat Elizabeth album cover

Kat Elizabeth's songs display wisdom beyond her years, while her ethereal multi-octave vocals and the bold supportive instrumentation put her in a class by herself. Her influences run from acoustic folk to hip-hop to big band jazz and elsewhere, all unified into a singular new sound. Her use of a loop pedal for vocal layering generates an almost psychedelic experience.

"A marching band shows up in 'Honey'. Other songs on the Huntsville-based singer's disc are augmented with tabla drums, baritone sax and even couch cushions used as percussion instruments. The line running through it all? Elizabeth's ethereal, coffeehouse-pop vocals... [She uses] a loop-pedal to layer her vocals to produce a symphonic Kat choir" -- Matt Wake, al.com.

You can listen to a few full tracks from Kat's EP released in 2014 on Kat's Soundcloud page or on YouTube.