Brandon Worthey Photo
Brandon Worthey - Real - album cover

Brandon Worthey became interested in the guitar after watching some kids perform southern rock in a talent show at his middle school in the small town of Capshaw, Alabama. He got his first guitar for his 14th birthday and has been an aspiring musician and songwriter ever since.

He grew up across the road from his grandfather’s general store where a musician by the name of Coleman Emerick hung out. Brandon would take his flattop guitar after school and ask Coleman to play songs like "Nine Pound Hammer" and "Wildwood Flower" on it. Coleman obliged and showed Brandon what the chords looked like.

Brandon’s love for music has continued to grow stronger in every aspect of his life. In 2004 he spent a big part of his year playing with various musicians on Beale Street in Memphis, Tennessee. He has been immersed in the music scene in Huntsville, Alabama for nearly half of his life, as he started playing clubs when he was still a teenager. Today he continues to write songs and hone his skills as a guitarist. He is a working musician and enjoys playing music--as much as he can, anywhere he can.

Photography by Mike Matthews

"It was a real pleasure to discover your tunes and share them with people. I want to congratulate you on the album and keep my fingers crossed for your next steps. Keep going!" -- Rafal Marczak, host of Wszystkie Stany Bluesa (All States of the Blues), Polish Radio LUZ, 96.1 FM

"Brandon Worthey's soulful songwriting, church-wrecking voice and back-alley guitar playing are not to be missed. Real is Brandon’s first album, but it won’t be his last. He’s already making up tunes for the second one." -- producer Jim Cavender

Real Album Personnel:

  • Brandon Worthey - vocals and guitar
  • Daniel Mason - guitars and banjo
  • Scott Johnson - guitars and backing vocals
  • Tara McRae Kestner - backing vocals
  • Gus Arnold - saxophones
  • Rob Channell - trombone
  • Jim Cavender - bass, drums, guitars, organ, backing vocals
  • Terri Cavender - congas, organ
  • Swamp Works - amps

Brandon Worthey may be contacted through his website.