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Sofonda Exotica album cover
Sofonda Exotica popup art

Sofonda Exotica grew from Aunt Sofonda's songwriting and performances for the Posey Peep Show over the past several years. This collection of vocal exotica mixes Tin Pan Alley with latin rhythms and some tongue-in-cheek fun. The album takes the listener on a journey around the world and through time with vivid imagery and unusual song subjects, such as the joys of globetrotting, the appeal of famous Cuban musicians, a dance dedicated to the Aztec god Tezcatlipoca, the hidden history of Cole Porter's "Begin the Beguine" and the purposes of A-A-B-A pop song structure. Besides Aunt Sofonda and her trusty piano, instrumental touches include theremin, congas, classical guitar, vocal shenanigans and much more.

The package features the first ever DIY pop-up scene by Startlingly Fresh Records. Fully assembled, you can see Aunt Sofonda and her husband Joey Norwood performing in the Flying Monkey Theater.

"Everything she touches, from paper and ink, to feather boa, to a piece of broken glass, becomes art." - Bonnie Roberts, The Valley Planet

More of Aunt Sofonda's tunes can be found on YouTube