SF Records Startlingly Fresh Records
Aunt Sofonda - 'Your Work Wife Is Cheating On You'
Kirsta - 'Stars Fell On Alabama'
John Onder - 'Faith, Hope, Love, Passion and Pain'

Recent releases include Trio El Camino's "Jumpsuit Boys" music video, Aunt Sofonda's Your Work Wife Is Cheating On You, Kirsta's Stars Fell On Alabama, John Onder's solo bass instrumental album, Faith, Hope, Love, Passion, & Pain, RATOBaby's Television, Duke Way's Just Sayin'", and Free Candy's Pack of Wild Animals. Currently in the studio we have singer/songwriter Alan Little, guitarist Hunter Copeland, singer/songwriter Bobby Blount, Moondust Big Band and singer/songwriter Mark MacNeil!

Duke Way - 'Just Sayin'

SF music is available at iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, Spotify and other online vendors. Some of the more startling tunes are only available locally at the Fret Shop, Dream Maker and at Lowe Mill: Trailhead, Inc. and Squeaking Tribe Studios. T-shirts are available at performances.